Imbibe healthy habits to prevent hypertension – Experts

From Chris Agabi, Lagos

Following rising cases of hypertension among adults in the country, Omron Healthcare has urged Nigerians to take their health in their hands as no doctor or pharmacist will be more responsible to a persons health than oneself.

Speaking at the media parley in Lagos, Andre Van Gills,President and CEO,Omron Healthcare Europe B.V,said that currently,the prevailing rate of sudden deaths in the country is increasing,and based on available reports,this is largely due to poor awareness and personal health management.

Mr.Andre was a courtesy visit to the country to see how omron healthcare can assist Nigerians in tackling the prevailing rate of sudden death caused by hypertension and other diseases like Asthma.”He said that it was shocking to see alot of people lining up to see a doctor in the hospital.”

“They are a lot of healthcare issues that needs to be addressed in Nigeria and omron healthcare through its business partner in Nigeria,New Heights pharma,is helping to address alot of these healthcare issues. So,we try to engage healthcare practitioners to help educate this people on this silent killer disease. We also have a training program in several markets called THE OMRON ACADEMY to address this.

As a business, Omron healthcare makes and sells affordable products that address life treating diseases such as hypertension,Asthma etc. We try and help people to improve their health. Omron Healthcare is the global leader in production and sales of professional and home blood pressure monitors and nebulizers. We have an 81-year history of innovation,market leadership,intelligent technology and design to support our mantra.”All for healthcare”.

Mr. Omaruaye Ogheneochuko, Managing director, New Heights Pharma said that hypertension is more prevalent in blacks and Nigeria is the biggest country with blacks. When you put all these factors into considerations,you will agree that our health system is not exactly how it should be.Also ignorance level is high,so we are in partnership with Omron Healthcare to make sure that these products are within the reach of every Nigerian and they are very affordable.”He said”