Hypertension:Take your Health in your hands.

Nigerians have been called upon to take care of their health,especially in the wake of increasing cases of hypertensive disorder.

President/Chief Executive, Omoron Healthcare Ltd,Andre Van Gills,said high numbers of deaths were as a result of hypertension,even as Nigeria ranks poorly in terms of awareness and individual management of hypertension.

Van Gills who was on a working visit to Nigeria towards assisting in tackling the prevailing rate of sudden death caused by hypertension and other related diseases, said it was shocking watching people queue to see a doctor in the hospital.

In Nigeria, it takes hours to wait and see a doctor. But how can we get people to do more home blood pressure measurement and reduce the burden on the doctors? We know that 1 in every 3 adults is hypertensive.

And many people are not aware of this. There are also a lot of children that suffer from respiration diseases like Asthma. As such, it calls for health awareness.

There are many healthcare issues that needs to be addressed in Nigeria. And Omron Healthcare through its business partners in Nigeria, New Heights Pharma, is helping to address them. Further, he disclosed that to contribute in reducing deaths from hypertension, it has setup a unit called Omron Academy.

Through the Academy, we try to engage healthcare practitioners to help educate these people on this silent killer disease. We also have a training programme in several markets across the country. We have a long term plan to see how we can help improve the Nigerian healthcare system.

Omron Healthcare produces healthy friendly products that are against life threatening diseases and help people improve their health. Managing Director, New Heights Pharma, Mr Omaruaye Ogheneochuko, traced the increasing incidences of hypertension among Nigerians on ignorance. He urged Nigerians to take their health in their hands. “No doctor and pharmacist will be more responsible to your health than you yourself”.

In the last three years, over 350,000 Nigerians have been screened for hight blood pressure and enabled to be more aware of their blood pressure numbers. “Awareness is key and sudden death is rampant”. This is the kind of awareness we are driving for people to take control of their health and know their numbers;and also, in this new age, to facilitate a constructive conversion between with their doctors.